Our service is flexible and allows for changes to delivery quantities at short notice either by leaving a note with your empty bottles, telephoning the office; emailing or now you can amend your order online.

The British Milkman has always been good for the environment and the economy even before it became fashionable to be so! Our glass milk bottles are washed, sterilised and re-used on average 47 times before being crushed for further recycling and our milk is sourced from British farmer’s not foreign suppliers. All other goods are sourced as locally as possible. Glass milk bottles can be left (rinsed) on your doorstep and are collected by our roundsmen.  Alternatively, we can deliver your milk in larger poly bottles which enables you to reseal your milk, and also saves you valuable fridge space.

Please view our product list for the extensive range of goods that we supply. All of these goods are available all year round as a regular or a one-off order. We also carry out special promotions throughout the year and stock an extensive range of seasonal goods (as a customer you will receive regular leaflets detailing these promotions).  All of this delivered directly to your door with NO DELIVERY CHARGE, What could be easier!

You can pay weekly, fortnightly or monthly by either: cash; cheque, BACS or online payment. Your milk roundsman will leave you a weekly or monthly invoice accordingly.

If in the meantime, should you have any further questions regarding our service, please do not hesitate to contact us by telephone or email.

Call us today on 01986 892428 or email